Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support

Minuteman Support Services' Privacy Statement

Minuteman Support Services, LLC (MSS) takes the privacy of our customers very seriously. We take measures to ensure that our service remains safe and secure during all support sessions. We maintain a stringent policy of securing the personal information gathered about our clients. At no time shall MSS sell, distribute or make available to third party organizations any personal information provided to MSS by way of customer registration or inquiry.

Personal information will only be collected to the extent necessary by lawful and fair means, and for purposes relevant to Minuteman Support Services' operations. When personal information is collected, it will only be collected with your knowledge and consent.

Credit card information processed during billing is never stored in either an online or offline database, and is consequently not susceptible to loss or theft.

Minuteman Support Services Website Registration

Users are not required to register on the MSS website in order to use it. However we do encourage users to register. Registration will provide more information and enhance the user experience. For example, a username and password are used to access our free "members only" areas on the site, such as the web ticketing system, tools, utilities, periodic newsletters, advance virus warnings and vulnerability alerts.

To obtain the full benefits, users are required to register with the MSS website and login as members each time they visit the site. In order to complete your one-time registration you must provide the following personal information:

(a) name
(b) email address
(c) mailing address
(d) phone number
(e) password

This information is necessary to your receiving the member services, and you will not be able to use member services without providing this information.

Minuteman Support Services Remote Service Technology

In keeping with the stringent privacy policy set forth by MSS, we maintain that the technology used to conduct remote support sessions is safe and secure. The technology used requires the service technician to uninstall the service after every session. All files installed will be uninstalled effectively eliminating any possibility of reconnecting to a client computer without prior consent from the client.

At no time is a technician capable of taking over a client computer without the explicit consent of the client. This security measure is inherent in the tool used to conduct remote service. When a client clicks on a technician's "call" button and the "open" button is clicked in the secondary download window, permission to take over and control a client computer is granted to MSS to conduct any necessary legal tasks a MSS technician requires to repair the client computer.

To further ensure the integrity of client data resident on the client computer, it is strongly recommended that the client view the entire support session.

If at anytime during a remote support session the client feels that a technician is accessing files or information that the client deems as private, the client has three options: (a) the client may request that the technician discontinue accessing any specified files or folders via MSS' Chat function, (b) the client can terminate the session him/herself by right-clicking on the session icon in the taskbar, and selecting "uninstall", (c) the client can request that the technician terminate the support session via MSS' chat function.

If at anytime you feel that the integrity of your data has been compromised, immediately contact:

Minuteman Support Services, LLC
Attn: Data Services
534 Forristall Road
Rindge, NH 03461

By phone: 603-899-6667

Or by email: data.services3@minutemansupport.com

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