Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay at my computer while the Technician fixes my problem?

No, it's not necessary. Although, we do recommend that the Customer view the Support Session. Ideally, the Technician will not require any interaction from the Customer after the Service has been installed. So, the Customer may spend the entire support session away from his or her desktop while the Technician logs in and out of the computer, reboots the computer multiple times, and does whatever is required to fix the problem. When the problem is fixed, the Technician can completely uninstall the Service without the Customer's assistance. The 'uninstalled' dialog box will remain on the Customer's screen until the Customer reads it and clicks 'OK'.

I have a firewall, will this interfere with my MSS session?

Since MSS' Service works by initiating the remote connection from the Customer's computer to the Technician's computer, the Customer is "giving" remote control rather than the Technician "taking" remote control. And because the session is initiated by the Customer's computer, the network firewall will see this traffic as outbound traffic similar to the Customer surfing the Internet. Since a firewall is designed to allow outbound traffic while blocking inbound traffic, MSS can connect easily where other remote control software fails.

What if my connection fails during a remote support session?

The Service has an auto-reconnect feature. If for any reason the connection is broken during a remote support session, the Service automatically continues when the connection is restored. And, because our Service loads as a Windows Service (95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003), we have the luxury of rebooting your PC or laptop and automatically reconnecting when the operating system fully loads. Further, because the Service loads as a Windows Service, we can support your PC or laptop in Safe Mode allowing our Technicians more troubleshooting options than our competitors before determining that an on-site visit is necessary.

Is Minuteman Support Services secure?

Yes. And if added security is required, end to end RC4 encryption of the entire datastream is available as an option. Every effort has been made to make Minuteman Support Services as secure as possible even without using RC4 encryption. Even without RC4 encryption, Minuteman Support Services's datastream is heavily compressed. Anyone running a "sniffer" such as Ethereal on the session would get nothing but trash data. Since a Minuteman Support Services session would be initiated "on demand" when a Customer needed support, a hacker would have to anticipate the session and have a direct connection to the route that the data took over the Internet. Even "man-in-the-middle" attacks would be difficult due to the spontaneous nature of Minuteman Support Services sessions. Even if a hacker were to somehow sniff a Minuteman Support Services session and was able to decode the protocol, the Customer's and Technician's computers would normally be behind corporate firewalls, so the hacker would first have to hack their networks before any sensitive information would be useful. As a final note, Minuteman Support Services is only installed on the Customer's computer during the session. At the end of the remote connection, Minuteman Support Services completely uninstalls itself and all related files.

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