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Marinas around the world are installing wireless Internet networks making it convenient for boaters to travel with a computer or laptop on board. Boaters can now work, exchange email, keep in touch with loved ones and plot courses from the comfort of their own boat.

What happens when you need computer support and you are in a marina hundreds of miles from your home? Call Minuteman Support Services. MSS can work on your computer remotely no matter where you are in the world. It doesn't matter how you connect to the Internet whether it is by Satellite, Cellular or Wireless Broadband.

As long as you have a working Internet connection, our technicians can, with your permission, safely and securely troubleshoot your computer. Our technicians will see your computer as you see it, you can watch them use your keyboard, and move your cursor as they resolve your computer problems right over the Internet.

Remote Computer Support means that our technicians have an unlimited range of support and can follow you all over the world provided you have access to a working Internet connection.

To further improve our serviceability to boaters in the US, Minuteman Support Services also provides onsite support virtually anywhere in the country in the event that your computer cannot be repaired remotely.

Call 866-239-1250 ext 2 to hear an audio explanation of what Remote Computer Support means. Then request a demo ...seeing is believing. All of your questions regarding capability, efficiency and security will be answered.

Boater Services:

  • Wireless Networking - have multiple computers on your boat all networked together
  • Hardware upgrade or replacement
  • Software installation, removal or upgrades
  • Spyware/virus removal and prevention
  • Email configuration
  • ...anything computer related

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  • Soundings Magazine
  • Multihull Magazine
  • The Power of Multihull Magazine
  • ...more to come

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    Minuteman Support Services Remote Computer Support
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